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HMV presents Hear My Voice survey with the primary objective of gauging customer satisfaction. This unique initiative underscores HMV’s commitment to providing an exceptional entertainment platform and rewarding customers for sharing their valuable opinions.

To actively engage with this survey, customers can conveniently visit www.Hmv-hearmyvoice.com, which offers a dedicated space for contributing feedback based on their experiences at HMV. The questions and the survey are completely related to your experience at the store. Read the article to become more aware of the HMV customer feedback survey and its methods.


www.Hmv-hearmyvoice.com UK Survey Rewards

Are you curious about the rewards by Hmv hear my voice survey? Then stop your curiosity while we get the information regarding the Prize winner. A £100 HMV Gift Card will be awarded to the survey prize draw winner. So, complete the survey using the guidance below and grab the chance to win an awesome gift card.


Hmv Hear My Voice Survey Rules and Regulations

Rules and regulations of the Hear My Voice survey are generally established by the HMV team. Read the table below to find out if you are qualified for the Hmv Hearmyvoice UK survey or not.

Country United Kingdom
Age 18 years or more
Languages English
Devices Computer or Laptop or Smartphone
Purchase Receipt A receipt or Survey Number is necessary
Survey Code Validity One month
Employees Not allowed
Entry Limit One Entry Limit per receipt


Hmv-Hearmyvoice Survey Questions

  • Did you make any purchases during your visit to HMV?
  • What was the reason for your visit?
  • Rate your overall satisfaction regarding your experience at HMV.
  • Were you satisfied with the friendliness of the staff?
  • Did you get any assistance?
  • Did you face any problems during your visit?
  • How likely are you recommending HMV to your friends or family?
  • How likely are you going to revisit HMV?
  • Were you thanked?
  • Was this your first visit?
  • Did the staff have the knowledge about the item you needed?
  • Are you satisfied with the availability of the item?
  • How many times have you visited at HMV?
  • Which was the department visited by you?
  • Explain the reason for your satisfaction?


Steps to Do the HMV Feedback Survey at www.Hmv-hearmyvoice.com

Generally, there has been no confusion on the Hear My Voice survey conducted by HMV. It says that the survey has been created with elegant procedures and easy structures. Read the below steps to finish the Hmv UK survey effectively.

  1. For the first step of the survey, you have to enter the HMV customer survey website through www.Hmv-hearmyvoice.com.
  2. Then press ‘Continue’. Press either Yes or No if you make a purchase on your visit.
    www.hmv-hearmyvoice.com uk
  3. Then press ‘Start’ to begin the survey.
  4. If you have made the purchase, you have to enter the details from your receipt, such as transaction number, store number, till number, operator number, date and time of your visit, and amount you spent.
  5. If you did not make any purchases during your visit, you only have to enter the survey number.
    www hmv-hearmyvoice.com
  6. Then press ‘Next’ to continue the survey. Rate your overall satisfaction regarding the experience at HMV.
    www.hmv-hearmyvoice.com uk survey
  7. Select the reason for your visit.
  8. Press yes if you received any assistance during shopping; otherwise, press no.
  9. Rate your satisfaction regarding the availability of the item, friendliness, and knowledge of staff about the item you need, ease of locating the item, etc.
  10. Press either Yes or No if you experienced a problem during your visit.
  11. Rate how likely you are to return to HMV and recommend HMV to friends or family.
  12. Explain the reason for your satisfaction in brief.
  13. Choose from the options regarding how many times you have visited at HMV.
  14. Provide your personal information like gender and age.
  15. If you would like to provide additional feedback, press yes; otherwise, press no.
  16. Press ‘Yes’ if you would like to enter the Prize Draw to win the £100 Gift Card.
    win a 100 hmv gift card
  17. If you answer ‘Yes,’ provide your contact details: your name, phone number, and email address.
    hmv feedback survey
  18. Finally, submit the survey and wait for the Hmv hear my voice survey prize draw.

    hmv hear my voice


About HMV

Entertainment can energize us. Is it? As you know very much, HMV has been made a signature between the fans and audiences. HMV will give you the best to grab your passions forever. Its Master’s Voice might be a great honor for your entertainment moments.

HMV was introduced by Sunrise Records and Entertainments as a music and film Retailer Company. This was established in 1921 and is based in London, England, United Kingdom. They are the retailers of music, film, TV, books, gaming, blog, technology, etc. They have become more popular over the decades because of the quality of the HMV items. Due to its great success, HMV is going to spread to almost every famous country; more than 100 locations are currently spread by HMV.


Contact Details

Email address: store.service@hmv.co.uk

Contact Page: support.hmv.com/hc/en-gb/requests/new


Sunrise Records and Entertainments Limited

Mermaid House, Puddle Dock,

Black Friars, London, EC4V 3DB


Final Words

Participating in the HMV Hear My Voice survey can potentially offer you valuable moments and the opportunity to win a £100 Gift Card by sharing your feedback. This article aims to guide you in realizing the value of your input as a rewarding experience. Taking the survey through www.Hmv-hearmyvoice.com is a simple yet significant step towards entering the Prize draw, where you stand a chance to secure the reward. This is nothing but a great opportunity to infuse joy into your entertainment experiences, contribute your opinions, and increase your chances of winning – take the survey today and be on your way to happiness.

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