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Countdown is one of the largest supermarket chains in New Zealand. They have over 180 stores throughout the country and employ over 18,000 people. They are always looking for ways to improve their service and products, and the Countdown Listens Survey is just one way they do it. Customers can take part in the Survey at www.Countdownlistens.co.nz. By taking the Survey, you can have a chance to win an amazing prize. So, get ready for the Survey with the help of this article.


Countdown Listens Survey Rewards

Each lucky winner in the draw will score an e-voucher for Countdown. The draws happen once a month on the first Monday of the current month, covering the previous calendar month. Just a heads up, each winner can only nab one e-voucher per draw. But no worries, they’ll load the e-vouchers onto the winners’ OneCard accounts within seven working days, so you won’t have to wait too long to enjoy your awesome prize!

Now, let’s break down the prizes based on Onecard Points:

  • If you’ve got 40,000 points, you’ll be walking away with a sweet $300 voucher. There’s only one winner for this prize, valued at $300.
  • If you’ve racked up 20,000 points, there are two winners who will each receive a $150 voucher. That’s a total of $300 in prizes for this category.
  • Got 10,000 points? Well, five lucky winners will be rewarded with a $75 voucher each, making it a total prize value of $375.
  • Last but not least, if you’ve earned 2,000 points, you’re in luck! Ten winners will get a $15 voucher each, bringing the total prize value for this group to $150.

So, in total, they’re giving away a whopping $1,125 worth of prizes. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to win big with the Countdown Listens Survey!

Winners E-voucher
1 $300
2 $150
5 $75
10 $15


CountdownListens.nz Survey Rules and Regulations

Are you confused about the complication of the Countdown Listens Survey? Don’t worry because here has the requirement and rules to do the Survey effectively.

Country New Zealand
Age 18 years or more
Languages English
Devices Computer or Laptop or Smartphone
Purchase Receipt Necessary
Survey Code Validity Within 7 days
Employees Eligible
Entry Limit One entry limit


CountdownListens Survey Questions

  • How likely are you to recommend the Countdown to your friends or family?
  • Overall satisfaction with your recent visit?
  • Did the staff member do something better for you?


How to do the Countdown Listens Survey at www.Countdownlistens.co.nz

Participating in the Countdown Listens Survey is super easy and takes just a few minutes of your time. By following the steps below, you’ll have a clear idea of what to do, making the Survey a breeze to complete. No need to worry about any challenges along the way!

  1. The primary step to begin the Survey is to enter the website www.countdownlistens.co.nz. And when you open the site, press “Begin Survey” to start Countdown Listens Survey.
  2. Enter the store number, transaction number, and date and time of visit.
  3. Press “Next” to get the survey questions.
  4. Rate your satisfaction on that how likely you are recommended to your relatives or friends.
  5. Also, rate your overall satisfaction regarding your visit to Countdown and explain your recent shopping in a few words.
  6. Select either “Yes” or “No” whether the staff member does something for your better visit; if so, provide their name and their activities made for you.
  7. If you want to win the Prize Draw, you have to provide your contact details.
  8. Press’ Next’ to continue.
  9. Select any store where you spend the most money at there for grocery items.
  10. Also, select any store that is most favorable for you.
  11. Select your gender and age.
  12. Press “Finish” to complete the Survey.


About Countdown

Why compromise on your shopping experience when Countdown has everything you need? As one of New Zealand’s most renowned supermarkets, Countdown offers a wide selection of groceries to choose from. Founded in 1981 by Rattrays Wholesale in Auckland, it has since been acquired by Woolworths and expanded to 184 locations across the country. With a focus on providing fresh food and convenient services like delivery, Countdown has built a solid reputation over its 40 years of operation. Visit Countdown for a delightful shopping experience and an opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones.


Countdown Contact Details

E-mail address: onlineshop@countdown.co.nz

Customer Service Number: 0800404040

Address:  Woolworths New Zealand Limited

80 Favona Road, Mangere, Auckland, 1640

New Zealand

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Final Words

In conclusion, the Countdown Listens Survey presents a valuable opportunity for customers like you to have your voices heard. By participating in the Survey, you not only contribute to improving the shopping experience but also have a chance to win exciting rewards. Your feedback plays a crucial role in shaping the future of Countdown as a customer-focused supermarket. So, don’t miss out on this chance to make a difference and be part of the Countdown community. Take a few moments to share your opinions and help create an even better shopping experience for everyone. Your input is highly appreciated, and your participation in the Countdown Listens Survey is truly invaluable.






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