Bojangles TalktoBo Survey and Win Free Bojangles Foods

The Bojangles TalktoBo Survey is an online program hosted by Bojangles restaurants that aim at collecting customer feedback. The company will use this feedback to improve its products and services in order to provide a better dining experience for its customers. This will also help them in attracting more customers and retaining existing ones. In return, the company will reward participants with validation codes that they can use to redeem rewards and offers on their next visit.


Would you like to inform your opinion to Bojangles regarding their food? For this purpose, the company is presenting a site in front of you, so visit or Wait! Before entering the Bojangles Listens Survey, please familiarize rules and steps so that you can do the survey easily.

Talktobo Survey Rewards

By participating in the Bojangles Guest Satisfaction Survey, you’ll receive special Coupon Codes as a thank you! These Coupon Codes will grant you free Bojangles foods, including delicious biscuits and sausage, when you visit our restaurant again.


Talktobo Survey Rules and Regulations

Are you feeling a bit unsure about how to go about the survey? No need to fret! Completing the survey at is actually quite simple and straightforward. To help you out, we’ve provided an easy-to-follow table below that outlines the Rules and Regulations you should be aware of. It’s designed to give you a clear understanding of what to expect. So, let’s get started and make your survey experience a breeze!

Country United States of America
Age 18 years or more
Languages English or Spanish
Devices Computer or Laptop or Smartphone
Purchase Receipt Purchase Receipt is Required
Survey Code Validity Within 14 days
Employees Not allowed
Entry Limit One entry per person
Coupon code validity 60 days


Talk To BoSurvey Questions

  • Rate your overall satisfaction with your experience at the restaurant
  • How was your satisfaction regarding food’s price, quality, temperature, taste etc?
  • How was the friendliness of the staff and cleanliness of the restaurant?
  • Are you facing any problems during the visit to Bojangles?
  • How likely you are to recommend the Bojangles to others?


How to do the Bojangles Listens / Talktobo Survey

Participating in the Bojangles Listens Survey is a breeze! It’s designed to be user-friendly and hassle-free. Just follow these simple steps, and you’ll steer clear of any confusion.

  1. visit or
  2. When you open the official website of the Bojangles survey, you have to enter a 19-digit code number from your receipt if any.
  3. And if you do not have a 19-digit code on your receipt, you have to enter the details Bojangles Number, Date and Time of visit, and Check Number of receipt.
  4. Press “START” to start the survey
  5. Rate your overall satisfaction regarding your experience at Bojangles
  6. Press ‘’NEXT’’ to continue.
  7. Select any type of your visit like delivery, drive-thru, carry-out, etc.
  8. Rate your satisfaction regarding the temperature of your food, quality, and price of food, friendliness of staff, the accuracy of order, taste of your food, cleanliness, etc.
  9. Press either YES or NO about where all the menu items you wanted were available.
  10. Rate your satisfaction regarding the problem faced by the restaurant.
  11. Rate your satisfaction on how likely you are to recommend to others.
  12. Explain your experience at Bojangles.
  13. Select any best description relating your reasons regarding the friendliness and cleanliness of staff and restaurant.
  14. Select any describes regarding the problem faced by the Bojangles.www talktobo com
  15. Provide your personal details that gender, age, annual household income, and your background.
  16. After completing the survey, write the validation code on your receipt shown on the screen; it will be helpful for your next visit.


About Bojangles

Did you know that Bojangles is renowned as one of the best restaurants for fried chicken? With a wide variety of delicious biscuits and fried chicken, it’s the perfect place to enjoy quality time with your family and friends. Bojangles offers a unique and memorable dining experience that will satisfy your cravings. Established in 1977 by Richard Thomas and Jack Fulk, Bojangles has expanded to around 800 locations across the United States. Their menu includes all-time favorites like sweet biscuits, refreshing beverages, and a variety of flavors for their famous fried chicken. Whether you’re looking to surprise your family or treat yourself to a flavorful meal, Bojangles is the place to go.

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Bojangles Contact Details

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Final Words

Bojangles Guest Experience Survey provides an opportunity for you to revisit Bojangles time and time again. It’s a quick and straightforward survey that can be completed in just a few minutes. You don’t have to worry about complicated questions; it’s all about sharing your own opinion. By participating in the survey through, you not only contribute your feedback but also get to indulge in the fantastic meals Bojangles has to offer. So, get ready to embark on the survey and savor the delightful flavors of Bojangles. Come and enjoy a wonderful dining experience with your family and friends!



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