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KFC South Africa is beloved for its delectable chicken, savory beef, and beloved sides, catering to both regulars and newcomers alike. However, what many might not realize is that engaging in the KFC survey offers an opportunity to win remarkable rewards.

Simply by visiting www.Sakfcsurvey.com and sharing your firsthand experience, you become eligible for cash prizes as a gesture of gratitude. Your input not only influences the service and food quality but also aids KFC in enhancing its offerings. Participating in the Sakfcsurvey allows you to actively contribute to KFC’s continuous commitment to delivering an exceptional customer experience.

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Sakfcsurvey Survey Reward

After successfully finishing the Sakfcsurvey, you become eligible for entry into a rewarding prize draw. This draw presents participants with the exciting prospect of winning various prizes, with a notable highlight being cash rewards valued at R5000.

Each month, three fortunate individuals will have the chance to secure this substantial prize, as each winner receives the coveted R5000 reward. It is essential to be aware that the nature of the prizes may undergo changes periodically, making each survey participation an opportunity to potentially claim appealing rewards.


www.Sakfcsurvey.com Survey Rules and Regulations

Before embarking on the Sakfcsurvey at Sakfcsurvey.com, it is prudent to acquaint yourself with the specific rules and guidelines provided by KFC South Africa. This ensures eligibility and a clear understanding of the terms and conditions governing the survey.

The selection of three monthly winners is determined through a random draw, and it’s crucial to note that the awarded prizes are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash. These general rules serve as a helpful guide for those considering participation in the KFC South Africa survey, fostering transparency and compliance with the survey requirements.

Country South Africa
Age 18 years or more
Languages English
Devices Computer or Laptop or Smartphone
Purchase Receipt Required
Survey Code Validity
Employees Not allowed
Entry Limit One Entry per Receipt


KFC South Africa Survey Questions

  1. Is this your first visit to KFC?
  2. Evaluate your overall experience with the restaurant.
  3. Provide reasons for your satisfaction.
  4. How frequently have you dined at KFC?
  5. Did you make use of the KFC app during your visit?
  6. Was your order accurately fulfilled?
  7. Did you encounter any challenges during your visit?
  8. Rate your satisfaction with the taste and temperature of the food.
  9. Are you pleased with the restaurant’s cleanliness and the hygiene of the staff?
  10. How probable is it that you would recommend KFC to friends or family?
  11. How likely are you to agree with the accuracy of the employees?


Steps Required to Do the KFC Survey at Sakfcsurvey.com

Follow these steps to participate in the KFC South Africa Survey:

  1. Start by visiting the dedicated website for the KFC South Africa Survey at Sakfcsurvey.com.
  2. Input the survey code from your invite card or receipt into the specified field.
  3. Click on the Continue button to begin the survey, where you’ll be presented with a series of questions.
  4. Assess your overall experience with KFC restaurant visits and provide corresponding ratings.
    kfc survey sa
  5. Thoughtfully respond to all the questions in the KFC South Africa Feedback Survey with honesty.
  6. Indicate your interest in entering the KFC SA Survey Sweepstakes by selecting the “Yes” option.
    www.sakfcsurvey.com competition
  7. Provide your contact details, including your email address, once you’ve completed the feedback process.
  8. Conclude by submitting your feedback to the KFC South Africa Survey.
  9. As a reward for your participation, you will gain an entry into the monthly sweepstakes for a chance to win an R5000 cash prize.


About KFC

KFC, a renowned fast-food chain, has been serving South Africa and global customers since its debut in Johannesburg in 1971. Over the years, it has grown to encompass over 1,000 locations throughout the country. Famed for its secret blend of 11 herbs and spices, KFC is synonymous with its iconic fried chicken, complemented by a diverse menu featuring burgers, wraps, and sides like coleslaw and mashed potatoes.

At the core of KFC South Africa’s operations is a commitment to exceptional customer service. The company prioritizes delivering a positive customer experience at all its outlets. To continually enhance this commitment, KFC South Africa regularly conducts customer surveys to gather valuable feedback and pinpoint areas for improvement.


Contact Details

Mail Address:

Nicol Main Office Park,

Block C, 4 Bruton Road,

Bryanston 2191

Email Address: kfccustomercare@dsg.co.za

Phone Number: 0860100222


Final Words

In summary, participating in the KFC South Africa survey at Sakfcsurvey.com offers a valuable avenue for expressing your feedback and assisting the company in enhancing its products and services. Your input plays a crucial role in the continuous improvement of the overall customer experience.

Additionally, taking part in the survey opens the door to the chance of winning enticing rewards through the prize draw. Remember to hold onto your receipt during your next visit to KFC South Africa and take a moment to complete the survey at www.Sakfcsurvey.com. Your opinions matter, and your potential rewards await.

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